Flash CS6 Essentials


This Flash CS6 training gives you the essential skills you need in your Flash animation journey. You will get a better understanding of the Flash CS6 tools to create vector graphic artwork right on the Flash stage.

You will learn how to import and manage assets such a graphics, movie clips, sounds, videos or button symbols in your Flash project's library. We'll show you how to create frame by frame, shape tween, motion tween and classic tween animations.

You will gain mastery of the Flash timeline to create professional grade Flash animations. We will explore the Bone and 3D animations features shipped with Flash CS6. You will also get a hands-on experience using the Motion Editor, Animation Paths, Masks and more.

You'll  be introduced to Flash typography and harness the power of the new Text Layout Framework. You'll also learn how to add sound to your Flash animations and publish your Flash application for the desktop and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod or Google Android smartphones.

Adobe® Flash CS6 Training Schedule

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Flash CS6 Training Outline

The outline below is just a summary and does not reveal the full content of your Adobe® Flash CS6 training program.

Day 1

We'll kick-off with a broad exploration of your Flash CS6 authoring environment. Starting from the welcome screen you will learn about the various type of projects you can develop in Flash CS6. You will hone Flash skills to design interactive presentations, banners, intro movies and even design multimedia rich desktop applications or mobile devices apps for the iOS and Android market.

You will learn to customize your Flash CS6 workspace to fit the type of project you are working on. Then we'll explore each Flash graphic tool and create artwork on the flash stage. You learn how to design vector graphic and movie clip symbols and their respective purpose in your Flash project.

At the end of this first day, you would have learned about most Flash CS6 graphic tools, how to use graphic symbols and import external files to your library. You'll know how to create a frame by frame animation,  control your animation timeline, use shape tweens, optimize your flash movie and export your finished project to be placed in a web page.

Day 2

We'll build on what you discovered the previous day to learn about motion tweens and using the motion editor to refine your Flash animations.
You'll be at last introduced to the Bone tool to create puppet like animations. You will also learn how to use Flash CS6 motion presets to speed up the creation of complex animations. You will also discover how to save you very own intricate animation settings to reuse in future Flash projects.

Finally you will learn how to create buttons and how to use ActionScript to control your Flash application based on the end-user's actions. We'll then explore ActionScript code snippets, find out how you can use them in your Flash projects. This is a good starting point should you decide to broaden your knowledge in Flash ActionScript.

We'll conclude this day by learning how to include sound in a flash animation. You will learn how to import sound clips to your Flash project's library and tweak sound files for optimum quality and file size. Then we'll expose the difference between event and streaming sound.

Day 3

It's now time to use components shipped with your Flash CS6 software. We'll learn to design a contact page including a web form using those prebuilt user-interface components. We'll use the video component to add a video player in a flash application.

We'll have three projects to  complete to conclude your Flash CS6 training session.

  1. Building a Flash Images slideshow
  2. Building an mp3 player
  3. Building a video controller

You now have the Flash CS6 essentials you can you to start building your Flash experience on.
Please make sure you redeem your BONUS. A 1 hour one-on-one consultation by one of our Flash CS6 instructors to give you some guidance in your first Flash project.


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